Squeezer machine Multifruits
Somatic brings to the market the only machine able to squeeze any kind of fruit with juice. Zumonat squeezer machine is made of stainless steel, being the most versatile, functional and the smallest in the market. With Zumonat squeezer machine you will be able to squeeze any fruit thanks to its innovative design, which consist on a pressing system which incorporates a double filter, obtaining the highest productivity. 

Squeezer Machines to squeeze any fruit
The only maintenance necessary is cleaning the machine everyday. It is easy to dismantle, you will have your machine ready for the next day within 5 minutes.
The main advantage of our squeezer machine is that you can offer a large variety of natural juices with only this equipment. After this, we invite you to visit our section Slush machine in order to discover a new concept that will open to you a new world of natural products.

Easy Squeeze Machines
The process of squeezing and filtering takes five seconds approx., independently of the size and kind of fruit. Zumonat squeezer machine has two pilots, which will inform you about the squeeze process. Green pilot indicates machine is ready to start working. Once the fruit is placed and the door is closed, we press the start button. Then pilot turns red for 5 seconds approx. If during operating process we open the door, machine will stop automatically to avoid any damage or staff accident.